Thursday 7/18/2019 , 4:39 PM

Kafr Dan Cooperative for Agriculture and Irrigation

Producers- Kafr Dan Cooperative for Agriculture and Irrigation

Established in May 24th 2010, it has 64 farmers as members, 25 of them are certified as Global G.A.P farmers. The association has implemented several profitable projects, business meetings and trainings, like establishing Kafr Dan non profitable company for water services, in addition to buying Excavator Wells supported by the Palestinian Center and the Swedish Corporation. Global G.A.P project in 2011, distributing 15,000 Olive seeds supported by Ministry of Agriculture and CARE International during the last 3 years. They have also completed a study of the geological water in Kafr Dan in collaboration with the Al-Quds University, in addition to the rehabilitation of irrigation systems project, supported by the Palestinian Centre and P.A.R.C. The main products of the cooperative are Molokhiya, and Cucumber.